ARABIKA Project Featured at the Nyeri International Coffee Expo- 2023

The hosting of the two-day Nyeri International Coffee Expo (NICE) at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, featuring the involvement of more than 20 international coffee buyers, was unquestionably a substantial and remarkable occasion for individuals passionate about coffee and professionals in the coffee sector.

In the course of a coffee cupping session at DeKUT

The involvement of the ARABIKA Project team in the Nyeri International Coffee Expo (NICE) emphasized the project’s dedication to interacting with the wider coffee community and establishing significant relationships within the industry. The expo offered a valuable opportunity for the team associated with the ARABIKA Project to connect with professionals in the coffee sector, including global buyers, local producers, and other key stakeholders.

The booth representing ARABIKA Project at the NICE Event

Through active participation in the notable NICE Event, the ARABIKA Project elevated its visibility and acknowledgment within the coffee value chain. This heightened visibility subsequently opened doors to increased prospects for collaboration and support, as emphasized by Justin Kasia, the Project Area Technical Manager for Branding.

“The primary objective of this event is to boost the income of coffee farmers. Therefore, strategically enhancing visibility at such events is a forward-thinking approach with the potential for lasting advantages. We anticipate additional festivals and a rise in visitor numbers, aligning with the prospect of coffee tourism. Drawing tourists to the region for another Origin Trip will significantly bolster the local economy and generate positive effects in the coffee value chain.”

The team from ARABIKA Project during the NICE Event

Recognizing and tackling the difficulties encountered by coffee farmers, as highlighted at the Nyeri International Coffee Expo (NICE) event, proved essential for the ongoing viability and triumph of the coffee sector.

“We have a limited market access and fluctuating coffee prices which have an impact on our income. Nonetheless, we are hoping that this event will help us in strengthening market linkages, exploring direct trade opportunities, and supporting our cooperatives for collective bargaining power while we mainly focus on consistently producing high-quality coffee.”

“Additionally, limited access to credit hinders us ability to invest in our farms or address immediate needs. We earnestly desire that our concerns resonate, facilitating our access to microfinance and enabling us to champion policies that are favorable to farmers’ credit needs.”

Coffee farmer present at the NICE Event

However, the event provided an opportunity for the ARABIKA Project to display its accomplishments, initiatives, and contributions to the coffee industry. Our enthusiastic participation in the Nyeri International Coffee Expo significantly played a role in the project’s comprehensive strategy to bolster and improve the entire coffee value chain. This aligns with the project’s objectives of advocating for sustainable and inclusive practices in the coffee sector.


Author: Stella Aswani (Project Communications Officer)

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