Cultivating Excellence: ARABIKA Project’s Journey at SIGEP and its TransformativeImpact on Kenyan Coffee

The ARABIKA Project’s visit to SIGEP has been a transformative experience, leaving an indelible mark on the project’s trajectory and showcasing its commitment to revolutionizing the coffee landscape in Kenya. Participating in this renowned international event, which converged the realms of gelato, pastry, bakery, and coffee, proved to be a strategic move with far-reaching impact.

Arabika Project Team engaged in the process of coffee tasting.

The cooperative’s involvement in SIGEP served as more than a mere representation; it was a powerful statement of the exceptional quality and sustainability values embedded in Kenyan coffee. Over the course of five enriching days, the ARABIKA Project not only seized the opportunity to engage in productive discussions but also forged new relationships that hold promise for the future of Kenyan coffee on the global stage.

ARABIKA Project team poses for a photo during the event

The impact of this visit extended beyond the realms of commerce. It was a testament to the resilience and dedication of the co-op members who, through their active participation, elevated the narrative surrounding Kenyan coffee. Beyond being a commodity, it was a story—a rich tapestry of history, culture, and dedication. 

“The involvement of cooperatives and their representatives in this event holds significant importance as it opens up broader market opportunities for their coffee.”

During the event that was facilitated by AICS and the Italian Trade Agency, representatives from participating cooperatives seized the opportunity to share their experiences. In addition to showcasing coffee beans, they eloquently presented their unique histories, future aspirations, and the emotions of the moment.

“Over the past three years within the ARABIKA Project, we’ve encountered a highly positive journey, resulting in a current production that is twice the volume we had before the project’s initiation.”

Notable instance of recognition and visibility at SIGEP.        A visit to the working roaster, observing coffee selection processes

The ARABIKA Project’s engagement at SIGEP catalyzed a shift in perspective within the international market, positioning Kenyan coffee as more than just a beverage but a narrative that resonates with consumers worldwide. This visit represented a transformative chapter, where the cooperative’s endeavors were no longer confined to local appreciation but gained a global audience, creating ripples of positive change in the coffee industry. The impact of the ARABIKA Project’s visit to SIGEP extended far beyond the event itself, signaling a new era for Kenyan coffee on the world stage.

Introducing ARABIKA Coffee to the Global Stage.

Author: Stella Aswani- ARABIKA Project communications officer.