This is a project born out of the collaboration of the Governments of Kenya and Italy, funded by AICS | AID: 11767


Donor Funding and Partners

The ARABIKA project is presented by CEFA European Committee for Training and Agriculture (Lead Partner), AVSI (Co- Executor) in collaboration with E4Impact and Etimos as partners.

In Kenya, CEFA has a presence in most of the counties of the country, thanks to 2 projects on human rights issues funded by the EU and AICS.

AVSI is Co-Executor in this project. Present in Kenya since 1972, it currently operates in 26 of the 47 counties of Kenya and over time has established strong relationships with the local authorities and governments of the county in which it operates. Important.

E4Impact is implementing projects for economic sustainability and impact entrepreneurship. In particular, the project funded by the EU Switch Africa Green (2018- 2021) to support the mango, coffee and milk sectors.

Etimos Foundation is a non-profit organization originally founded as CTM-Mag in 1989 in Padua, Italy. At the heart of its mission to improve people's lives, the organization employs a set of approaches that enable micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the world's agricultural supply chains to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.


The project intervenes on the coffee supply chain by acting on the quality improvement component, on the capacity of organization and management by the producer cooperatives and on the marketing and quality improvement component of the final product: this will allow to aim at different and more profitable markets.